Rolf Benz AK Series 420

Upholstered furniture system "made in Germany" for comfortable living, a successful design collaboration with WERKSDESIGN.

Werksdesign Rolf Benz furniture design

Modular upholstered design furniture for small budgets

The upholstery manufacturer Rolf Benz builds furniture for establishing areas of housing and dining with 450 employees, "made in Germany". The predominantly by hand-made products are in the medium and upper price segment.

With declining total sales of the furniture industry Rolf Benz also offers excellently processed design furniture at the entry-level price range with the trademark AK.

WERKSDESIGN developed together with the famous furniture designer Birgit Hoffmann (Studio Hoffmann Kahleyss) the Series AK 420, a modular seating system.

The timeless design accommodates a wide range of customers, various elements and different seat depths. Easy-care upholstery fabrics complete the program in real Rolf Benz quality.

The Rolf Benz brand is a statement of quality made in Germany.

rolf benz sofa design interior
Werksdesign Rolf Benz furniture design

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