Novus Sinus

The office series "Sinus" offers ergonomic shape and innovative material mix: The stapler designed by WERKSDESIGN  wins the prestigious red dot design award.

novus Locher tacker color

Office series "Sinus": High quality office helper with a soft handle

In the field of desktop staplers Novus is the market leader, since 1949 these are manufactured in Lingen, West Germany.

Core of the task was to develop a high-quality office series. This has been taken into account with the introduction of soft-touch surfaces (2-component injection molding): High-quality look, good operating feel.

Also new: Ergonomic shape, orange control elements, use of flatchlinch technology for staplers and finally a well-readable guard for paper size.

To guarantee a long lasting use (10 year warranty) the lever technique is made out of metal. Competing products often have a plastic mechanism which becomes brittle after years.

With the "Sinus" developed by WERKSDESIGN and Carsten Westhoff, office work is fun again. The series in five trendy colors has been extended for larger sheet thicknesses.

The stapler was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award.

grau grey
novus Locher color
novus Locher tacker color sketch

Office series "Sinus" by WERKSDESIGN was nominated for the most prestigious German award, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

novus Locher color

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