Mercedes-Benz Key Reader

Reader device for vehicle data extraction out of the car key. Follow-up project to a successful collaboration between WERKSDESIGN with locking specialists Huf Tools for Audi.

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Vehicle data transmission, wireless with RFID technology

The automotive supplier Huf Tools is with over 20 % market share one of the world's leading international manufacturers for vehicle locking systems. Nowadays in most modern car keys characteristic data is stored (mileage, service intervals etc.).

These data can be read out, on a practical level located on the consultant's desk at the car dealer. For this purpose Mercedes Benz required a smart reader.

Together with Huf Tools developed WERKSDESIGN the Keyreader, follow-up project to a similar project for Audi. Using RFID technology, the data from the built-in key transponder by placing them in the Keyreader be automatically transferred to the computer of the consultant.

This allows easily to identify the vehicle, collect the most important data immediately and update the stored data.

First Audi, now Mercedes Benz: Key reader for the automotive industry

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