KWC Soda

Innovative combination of soda maker and kitchen faucet for the Swiss precision manufacturer.

kwc soda werksdesign faucet tap water kitchen

The noble version of tap water

This particular kitchen faucet was developed for the Swiss faucet manufacturer KWC. The special feature can be identified only at a second glanc: On a separate Aulauf you can easily tap into hot water. The tap water is carbonated with a Untertischgerät and cooled. The quality faucet is reminiscent of a classic soda siphon.

Carrying bottles and disposing empties is a thing of the past.

Main benefits compared to conventional water makers: Automatic cooling, no unhygienic bottle, cartridge change in a much longer cycle, no risk of incorrect operation, can be installed in any kitchen cabinet.

The project was conducted by WERKSDESIGN together with Michael Zeisel for design office LKI. The product is now sold through the company Aquell.

grau grey

The consequent further development of all sparkling water makers.

Carsten Westhoff co-developer

kwc amaturen glas water
kwc amatur glas water

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