koziol A Roma

Timeless porcelain / plastic combination is an innovative design classic. WERKSDESIGN invents new product category.

koziol roma tasse cup design

How do you design a coffee series for a plastics manufacturer?

Koziol is a leading manufacturer of household and gift items. They were looking for a product line for the market entry in the area tableware/coffee. On behalf of the design studio Matteo Thun in Milan WERKSDESIGN developed the series "a Roma".

By focusing the brand Koziol to the material plastic, the particular challenge of the project was the reasonable integration of the material in the concept.

WERKSDESIGN managed this obviously by using plastic material as an insulating and decorative ring that makes a classic handle superfluous. The design feature is found in the entire product family and is a compelling idea for over 15 years, which has been copied by many competitors or used as "inspiration".

The series "a Roma" has been extended to many products and accessories, forming a design classic in the Koziol range.

Brand classic for over 15 years on the market.

koziol roma tasse cup design
koziol roma tasse cup design

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