FRT MicroProf

The Micro Prof is a highly specialized device for 3D surface metrology for research and production and testifies to the WERKSDESIGN competence also in the capital goods sector.

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Corporate design of housings visualize innovative capacity

Since 1995, Fries Research & Technology (FRT) offers highly complex devices for technical surface analysis. Also in the capital goods area it has been realized meanwhile that products do not convince customers only with functionality, quality and price any longer.

WERKSDESIGN designed with the Micro Prof first FRT product ever and developed parallel a concrete corporate product design. This was the base and the foundation of an in-house product design strategy. The Micro Prof has become the standard instrument of FRT with manifold installations in the industry.

The modular design of the housing allows various configurations and easy maintenance. A particular aspect of the development was the manufacturing of the devices mainly in the high six-figure costs range and production in a small series.

Meanwhile several FRT products derived from this first design milestone.

FRT is a technology leader in high-precision multi-sensor surface metrology.

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frt microprof machine design
frt microprof machine design
frt microprof design

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