Dornbracht Solitude

Exceptional bathroom column with integrated shower and washing space for the noble manufacturer creates new interior design possibilities.

dornbracht bath werksdesign faucet tap fitting design

Completely new staging of the "water place"

"Dornbracht cultivates living spaces." The family-run company headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia is world-famous as manufaturer of exclusive bath and kitchen fittings and faucets. Donbracht's briefing was a new bathroom solution for middle sized rooms. The multifunctional bath column is a complety new bathroom concept in the high-price segment with unexpected possibilities for interieur planners and designers.

WERKSDESIGN developed "Solitude" in close collaboration with design office NOA and was responsible, among other things, for basic design, water flow and integration of accessories.

The bath column is an extravagant ensemble for high sanitary demands. It combines with washing basin, shower, mirror, lighting, sockets and accessories almost all necessities in the bathroom in one product and allows it to be positioned at the desired location and easy to install.

This has resulted in new possibilities to define and to design bathroom spaces.

New ideas create new spaces.

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