Adelholzener Mineral water

The PET bottle for Bavaria's largest mineral spring.

adelholzener wasser bottle


After disappointing values in market research, WERKSDESIGN created a new concept for the famous mineral water for the Hamburg agency Christoph Petersen Design (graphics).

In close cooperation with the bottle manufacturer, the new look was created after extensive prototyping tests. The typical brand-defining elements such as transparency and a view of the mountains are clearly staged and focus on the origin of Adelholzener mineral water.

With the new, unique bottle shape, the special purity is emphasised: the finely embossed mountain relief stands for the origin of the spring in the Alps. Wavy lines mark the water's path through the Alpine rock.

The implementation was initially carried out on the 330ml, 500ml and 750ml disposable container sizes, further adaptations are being planned.

The one hundred percent shareholder of Adelholzener Alpenquellen is the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul. All profits of the company are used to benefit social purposes.

Adelholzener Mineralwasser Deckel-Varianten
Adelholzener Mineralwasser alte und neue Flasche

Thanks to our CAD and pre-engineering, the production of close-to-production prototypes using the blow moulding process for verification in filling trials was particularly time and cost efficient.


Adelholzener Mineralwasser Flaschen-Familie
Adelholzener Mineralwasser Flaschen-Familie nackt
Adelholzener Mineralwasser Flaschen-Varianten mit Glow links
Adelholzener Mineralwasser Flaschen-Varianten mit Glow rechts

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