Silit Turntable

WERKSDESIGN's two-in-one product idea for the traditional German company is the ideal gift item in the tableware area.

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The ideal outdoor tableware gift item

The premium manufacturer Silit (WMF subsidiaries) performs alongside utensils for cooking and frying also tableware. Besides the traditional products for serving food and you need at the table one thing: Salt and pepper.

WERKSDESIGN developed as an ideal gift item the double mill "Turntable". The practical combination of a salt and pepper grinder, handy and smart.

The registered patent (Co is the designer Carsten Westhoff) is perfect for grilling and picnic trends, even in the small outdoor version with caps.

Turntable is a real eye-catcher and a practical two-in-one product for dining table, balcony and private terrace or on the go.

In the past a blanket and an upturned empty beer crate was enough as a table -
Today picknicking is luxurious.

Süddeutsche Newspaper

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