Pelikan Xycle

Perhaps the most successful correction tape ever, in any case the first ergonomic ambidextrous. WERKSDESIGN for one of the most trusted brands in the stationary sector.

werksdesign xycle correction pelikan design stationary

the real alternative to correction fluid

The Pelikan AG and its subsidiaries are one of the largest paper, office and stationery producers in the world. WERKSDESIGN has developed in many years of cooperation various projects for Pelikan.

In the area of "correction" an innovative solution was needed, especially for non-European countries. The solvent-free alternative to fluid is used there frequently also because it can overwritten immediately.

The Xycle is the first correction roller, which is ambidextrous equally well usable. The ergonomic design with grip recess has been developed together with the designer Carsten Westhoff and evaluated in user tests with prototypes. In addition patented mechanics were developed by WERKSDESIGN .

The product was awarded with the international well known Red Dot Design Award.

The first correction roller for right and left handed wins Red Dot Design Award.

pelkan xycle roller prototyp
pelikan roller packaging orange

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