Pelikan Pura

WERKSDESIGN does also sophisticated. Elegant décor for an elegant writing instrument.

pelikan pura kugelschreiber design

Precious Writing Made and designed in Germany

The Pelikan AG and its subsidiaries are one of the largest paper, office and stationery producers in the world. How can you score in the rigid market of high quality writing instruments? How do you bring classical and modern design elements together into a timeless product?

WERKSDESIGN developed among many other projects the pen "Pura Ornaments" for the traditional brand Pelikan. The decor places classic adornment patterns in a modern context and has been used for other products as well (case etc.).

I was impressed how WERKSDESIGN has combined innovation in the stationery sector with professional processing.

Gunther Andrée management consultant, former CEO at Pelikan

pelikan pura kugelschreiber design
pelikan pura kugelschreiber design

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