Pelikan Pens

Pens by WERKSDESIGN for the cult brand, especially designed for third-party business in the office and design area. Two component-grip to prevent slip-resistant working.

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Masswriting Pens in 2-component design

The Pelikan AG and its subsidiaries are one of the largest paper, office and stationery producers in the world. WERKSDESIGN has developed in many years of cooperation, various projects for Pelikan.

For the entry-level price range, we have developed the series Beat Club Pen and Gel. The focus was on heavy pressure on prices, mass market design and highlighting the Pelikan brand DNA.

WERKSDESIGN gave the pens both diverse decors and color variants as well as the Pelican typical grip, executed in a second soft plastic component.

Beat Pen and Gel Club are among the best-selling writing instruments of the international brand.

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