in2aqua Kitchen

WERKSDESIGN product family system for the shooting star among valve manufacturers.

in2aqua werksdesign faucets fitting design bath kitchen

Kitchen faucets for everyone

Functional with puristic design elements? Covering all market segments? Cost-saving platform design? User and installer-friendly?

No problem: WERKSDESIGN has developed the side-operated water dispenser series Classic, Edge and Style for in2aqua.

This includes an ergonomic side operation, maximum swivel spout and - as desired - a user-friendly, very compact pull-out spray with two spray modes.

Combined with the formal elements of the three in2aqua Design series and different finishes (chrome or stainless steel finish) adjust the equipment for all kitchen situations.

WERKSDESIGN is a trusted creative partner of in2aqua.
Their team is a multi-faceted extension of our company.

Christopher Marshall CEO in2aqua

in2aqua amaturen kitchen
in2aqua amaturen kitchen

WERKSDESIGN for in2aqua kitchens: three styles, two functions, two surfaces
= 12 faucets.

in2aqua amaturen forcet
in2aqua amaturen kitchen

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