Gerber Sugoi

The precision bonsai scissors. American blade specialist receives WERKSDESIGN concept for plant lovers with high expectations. Development of a new ergonomic precision cutting mechanism.

Gerber werksdesign industrial design scissors knife product

small, sharp, smart

Our US American customer Gerber Gear is a leading global provider of multi-tools and knives. Challenge was the design for a modern garden tool that does not follow the classic design patterns of bonsai scissors.

WERKSDESIGN conceived a precision tool for the high demands of bonsai fans: Spring scissor mechanism, self-sharpening blade, finely adjustable control using pincer grasp and contemporary design.

In particular, the ergonomic handling (rubberized grip surfaces and pincer grip) make the scissors SUGOI a reliable companion for plant lovers.

The project also created the associated packaging, a tray of Recyling 3D cardboard (material as in the classic egg box), an eye-catching, eco-friendly and economical solution for the Point Of Sale.

From Simple Functional Prototype to the Final Precision Product

gerber sugio garten tool
gerber model schere

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