ABC Design Take Off

The stroller with the smallest pack size is an idea and development from WERKSDERSIGN that won several international design awards.

buggy stroller design werksdesign abc design take off

Completely new patented Buggy concept

ABC Design is a medium-sized German manufacturer for strollers "developed in Germany". With the concept "TakeOff" WERKSDESIGN has devised an ingenious problem solver: The buggy is the only stroller worldwide which can be reduced to the size of aircraft carry-on baggage, with just two simple adjustments.

Focus of the development was a simple operation, ergonomically tested comfort for child and parents and of course security going hand in hand with contemporary product design.

The first product of ABC Design TakeOff won several recognized international design award, the IF Award and the International Design Excellence Award for outstanding design, nominated for the highest honor, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. Meanwhile sold ABC Design in over 40 countries and has risen to become one of the world's leading manufacturer of high quality baby products.

WERKSDESIGN has also created the sophisticated but very cost reacted technical concept. Priority of mechanics was "quickly, easily and with real added value".

The Takeoff by ABC design combines the excellent folding capabilities and the astonishingly low weight of a buggy with the stability and the good driving characteristics of a stroller.

buggy stroller design werksdesign abc design take off

The buggy with the smallest pack size in the world.

abc kinderwagen sketch
abc kinderwagen if award

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