4forest cargo bike (Kopie)

4forest - das erste Offroad-Lastenfahrrad. Take a Ride on the Wald Side!

4forest bike lastenrad weg TRECKER

the gravelbike of the cargo bikes

It is a transport bike for woods and meadows, fully off-road and agile. Due to the powerful electric drive, driving on uneven terrain is particularly easy, even with high weight loads. In addition, the gravel cargo bike is quieter and more environmentally friendly than motorized ATV’s or other off-road vehicles and hardly causes any soil damage. 4forest closes the gap between off-road and cargo bikes.

Equipped with full-suspension tilting technology and a powerful Bosch electric drive, 4forest can effortlessly navigate through the undergrowth with a weight of approx. 43 kg.

With a load capacity of 220 kg it offers a lot of space e.g. for a few cubic meters of wood, the picnic equipment or the inflatable dinghy. Everything can be conveniently stowed away in a detachable rear box and on a sturdy luggage rack.

The Rohloff gears purr at the rear, and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels via two belt drives, a differential and two universal joints from the go-kart construction. So that 4forest can be easily transported, the designers of WERKSDESIGN divided the frame and constructed a retractable handlebar.

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4forest neigungstechnik
4forest detail display

Design is creativity with strategy.

Rob  Curedale Design Education Legend

4forest treppe

Our e-mobility concept has been very well received in the press and we are working on a realization. We are looking for cooperation partners to finance a prototype. Please contact via v.schumann@werksdesign.de

The German Design Council recently nominated WERKSDESIGN with the 4FOREST for the Innovation Award 2021.

Article and more pictures at Stern.

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4forest detail
4forest media laptop smartphone
4forest detail
4forest explosionszeichnung
4forest bike lastenrad weg TRECKER

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