Dortmunder crate

Holistic design study for one of the largest beer brands in Germany.

Dortmunder Bier-Kasten mit Flasche


Beer crate, bar interior and signage. Cheers.

Dortmunder is a design study for one of the three top-selling breweries in Germany. Under the sign of the former largest beer city in Europe in the heart of the Ruhr area.

Even well-selling premium beers are threatened by cutthroat competition in the beer market with declining industry sales and greater industry concentration.

The market needed an impulsive modernisation of its dusty appearance, also influenced by the craft beer trend.

WERKSDESIGN developed this modern packaging concept in cooperation with the branding agency Superunion. Dortmunder represents a cosmopolitan brand personality with regional origins.

In addition to a box with a soft handle, the design also included the fundamental equipment at the point of sale:

A customizable, illuminated signage system for the catering trade and a modularly extendable counter concept, also for outdoor areas and events.

WERKSDESIGN Produktdesign Industriedesign Gestaltung
Dortmunder Bier Kasten Spritzguss
Dortmunder Bier Kasten-Skizzen
Dortmunder Bier Messe Theke

The all-round carefree package for retailers in the premium beer segment.

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