Seca Scale Lena

The clever baby scale with detachable tray, the second WERKSDESIGN product for seca. By reducing costs, the device is particularly attractive for scale rental in pharmacies.

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Combined weighing for babies and toddlers

The seca 354 Lena is initially a baby scale with comfortable weighing tray. But a gentle tug and it acts as a floor scale for children with a load capacity of 20 kg. The weighing tray and the base which serves as the floor scale are securely locked together. So safe weighing of the infant is absolutely guaranteed. Nevertheless, a button press is sufficient to seperate the components.

Another advantage of the scale is the breast-milk-intake function which enables accurate control the quantity of drunken milk at the touch of a button. The robust but lightweight scale can be easily transported, self-explanatory keys make it easy to use. The seca 354 is particularly suitable for midwives and households, especially in developing countries. The Seca products 384 and 385 are based on the Lena concept.

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Two Scales in One: Patented Mechanics by WERKSDESIGN

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