seca 360° Wlan Stick

The intelligent comnnection of all seca products. Another contribution of WERKSDESIGN for seca assortment.

seca werksdesign medical design wlan stick

Wireless measuring at the hospital

Seca 360° wireless is the world's most innovative and most mature product system of its kind, a network with a variety of possible applications: This brings measuring and weighing to another level. Flexible established scales and measuring systems of seca communicate wirelessly with any number of PCs, wireless printers etc.

WERKSDESIGN developed with seca sophisticated team players, which receive, send, process and print patient's data digitally: The WLAN stick seca 456 and the wireless printers seca 465 and 466. Furthermore, valuable time in the measuring process is also saved and human errors could be avoided. The seca 360° wireless product range is state of the art in current medical technology.

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seca wlan stick red
seca wlan stick sketch

Three products for the seca 360° wireless system: world leader in the sector.

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seca printer wifi

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