n2telligence peakpower

WERKSDESIGN developed the first product for the successful startup. The sports and rehabilitation device enables efficient high-altitude training.

medical werksdesign n2telligence device

Altitude training for athletes without long-distance traveling

How can athletes operate altitude training effectively and easily? The Peak Power enriches the breath of subjects with nitrogen during exercises on treadmill and ergometer. The body responds with increased production of red blood cells and is overall more powerful, in a natural way.

The peak power can also be used for medical purposes and produced "by the way" clean energy and water.

WERKSDESIGN has broken with this first product for N2telligence a successful path from the first sketch to small batches and has the young company helped set off.

Meanwhile the former startup is fused with strong partners for Fuji N2telligence GmbH and focuses professional than ever to N = nitrogen.

First Product for Hamburg startup established success story.

peakpower medical n2telligence mask
peakpower medical n2telligence sketch marker

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