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Strategic product planning from the outset. WERKSDESIGN advises the brand comprehensively and at all levels, from conception and design up to the point of sale.

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Full service for the smart faucet manufacturer

in2aqua is a relatively new manufacturer in the faucet area. Former Hansa CEO Christopher Marshall occurs here mainly with fresh products in top quality and a completely new business concept. WERKSDESIGN supports the new company as the design partner from the beginning.

With the development of the three design series Style, Edge and Classic a wide style range for the end user was created, to which nearly everyone can relate.

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WERKSDESIGN is a trusted creative partner of in2aqua.
Their team is a multi-faceted extension of our company.

Christopher Marshall CEO in2aqua

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Strategic product planning from the outset

Supporting of our customer in2aqua is holistic and at all levels, from product strategy up to the point of sale. WERKSDESIGN is therefore inter alia also responsible for the design of exhibition stands, packaging and installation instructions. Another task was the creation of all visual content (photorealistic 3D renderings) for all media.

The design strategy for in2aqua focused on both, the big picture and the details. WERKSDESIGN has concentrated primarily on an optimal product in every respect, but also the overall range: Does every customer will find easily individualized solutions, do the individual products result in a coherent system, etc.?

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Branding with an eye for detail

We designed inter alia the side-operated faucets for kitchen and bath: Striking design in platform engineering, good for the user (wide range of designs, low price), good for the plumber (simple installation) and good for the producer (optimum logistics and costs with a modular system).

WERKSDESIGN has accompanied the development of above 140 fitting products for in2aqua. These are very successfully marketed in North America and Europe, complemented by an extensive shower range and the award-winning rough-in system in2itiv.

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in2aqua amaturen forcet
in2aqua amaturen forcet

Integrated: Strategic design from the product idea up to the presentation in the market.

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