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WERKSDESIGN has been a major player in the development of Bewatec's complete product range. Due to the brand strategy the middle-sized company has become a global technology leader.

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Strategic product planning from the outset

Bewatec provides a comprehensive entertainment and communication program for patients. Backbone of the product family is the display system. This provides internet, radio, TV, DVD and hospital-specific features such as table light, nurse-emergency and card payment. In addition, there is a series of patient telephones and extensive accessories such as modems and various mounting options.

WERKSDESIGN has developed an overarching design strategy on behalf of and together with the Suxdorf Studios and Bewatec, established for several years. We have also designed in long-term cooperation all key products and are decisively involved in the success of Bewatec: International leadership and also in Germany.

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The space-saving, puristic design of MediStream 15"
fits perfectly into the hospital environment.

Jury reddot Award

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Bewatec red dot werksdesign medical design award

Excellent brand strategy makes Bewatec a market leader

In addition to the market leadership in Germany (more than 80% market share) and worldwide (50%) the brand strategy of WERKSDESIGN has led also to triple honouration by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Another good selling point for Bewatec products worldwide.

The focus of product development was in addition to the needs of the manufacturer and its clients mainly the patient. Although the end user has no purchase decision that determines over the long run the success of the products.

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Design support from initial concept up to series production

WERKSDESIGN brought all products from the initial sketch through pre-engineering up to the production stage, in close cooperation with the Bewatec R&D department.

Our CAD system ensures problem-free data exchange and simple rapid prototyping.

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Sketching, prototyping, pre-construction, supervision up to tools production: WERKSDESIGN from A to Z

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